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Tested the T sensor this weekend by stikcing it in hot water (right after boiling). Looked like the gauge was ok.
Than on Tuesday I went to the tech. We did it together. Reading the gauge and lazer termometer. His reading was 75 C
when he pointed on the Temp sensor casing and on the part of the waterpump where the sensor goes in. The gauge read 95 C. What the hell..... Can a Benz run below 80 C ?!?!
In any case, summer is coming, any news on lowering that cut in tempreture for aux fans.
This is what I know on cut in T for fans (on W124):
Viscous fan clutch 96-104 C
Electrick aux fan on 107 C of 100C

90' 300CE
17" Intra Signums
Brulen mufler
Euro Headlights/Clear Blinkers
White gouges (made my own)
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