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With a 97 you shouldn't have a problem passing anywhere, because you have OBDII. The computer in your car is constantly checking the system. The smog station doesn't even need to remove your fuel cap to test it. If your cap leaks, the CEL (check engine light) on the dash will come on during normal operation, because the computer will self test a leak in the evap system. Every vehicle from 96 on has the exact same plug connection under the driver's dash. The tester doesn't need to check timing or anything anymore. All the data is fed to the machine through this plug. You can't play many games anymore like clean piping, eher you test a substitute vehicle. You will notice that the first step of the test is stopping the car just before it over the dyno rollers. This plate measures the gross weight of the axle. It better match the computer stored data for that car. Although it still happens, smog shops pay stiff fines, for deceit. There are alot of State cars running around popping into stations asking for smogs. The driver is an average looking person with an average looking car. If the smog tech tries to sell un needed work or looks the other way at a missing smog component in order to smog the car, he is handed a stiff fine as soon as the test is over. You might try a test only station. Given the age of your car, you are more than likely to pass without a problem.

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