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You Did Good...

Congratulations! You made your daughter happier than she will really be able to appreciate until she's driven her new car for awhile, and you assured that you and your wife be able to feel that she's safe while driving by herself.

But, financially, here's how good you did:

The current Kelley Blue Book value for that car with that mileage in Largo, FL is:

Wholesale - $2725.00

Retail - $6475.00

Average - $4600.00

I compute average values when deciding on what a car is worth. To do so, add the wholesale (trade in) and retail, and divide by 2. So, I figure the car is worth $4600.00

Will you help me when I want to buy my next Benz? You are a real shrewd horse trader! Oh, and your daughter's new car will be eligible for a lovely mileage badge for the radiator grill at 155,000 miles...

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