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Hey, read the first post I put up on this (it is post #3). I assumed what I was saying was correct based on how you stated the problem. I am assuming the passenger window won't work at all, either by operating the soft top switch or using the right power window switch. This would lead me to believe (in absence of being able to TEST the system) that if there is a component failure it would most likely be either the power window motor or the soft top control module. Of course it could be wiring. I'll tell you where the control module is, but don't go crying to me if you replace it and it's not the problem. The control module is behind the passenger seat, under the lift up panel, it's in the small storage compartment under the plastic "floor". If the window will work, but the soft top still won't open with the window all the way down, I'd say it's a safe bet the window "down" switch is bad or mis adjusted. It's not too bad of a job once the inner door trim panel is removed. But I'd start by diagnosing the power window system if the glass won't roll down at all........Gilly
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