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Let me describe the airslide problem that would answer your symptoms.

During idle running, with the throttle switch closed the airslide is held open such that the right amount of air passes to maintain fixed idle speed. This is accomplished by pulsing a magnet that opposes a spring inside the valve. With things functioning properly the valve is in its regulated position held by pulse with a constant frequency and a varying duty-cycle. The duty-cycle should be close to fifty-fifty as designed. If extra air is coming in then it must be further closed to maintain; this will require say sixty - fourty duty cycle.

When the throttle is openned the valve is released to a larger openning to prepare for a sudden throttle release. It then grabs control. IF the valve sticks the system will try its hardest to close the valve; the duty cycle will go to over seventy - thirty. If this becomes enough to free the stuck valve it slams shut and the motor dies.

This is a lot about how it should work and one way that it doesn't that could cause your problem. I mention all this because someone cleaned your airslide. Once the carburator cleaner dries the valves are often more sticky. We always run them in our hands and apply a small amount of a rust penetrant like WD40 after cleaning them.
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