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Somebody Messed Up...

The RPD-545 has 40-45 Watts per channel into 4 channels. From what I can see, the unit should be wired into the speaker wires directly and bypassing the factory fader.


Peak Internal Power 4x45 Watts
Preamp Outputs 2 (RCA)
Preamp Power Level 2v
Preamp Impedance 75Ohm

You only have 2 RCA outs on that unit. I don't know your car well enough the know what the "factory system" is that you refer to. Is there amps left from the Becker that the installer is using? If so, what are their wattage?

All I can tell you is that I installed my Blaupunkt Boston myself, and did it by bypassing the console fader control so I use the full wattage of the Boston, and the fader in the head unit.

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