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I have a 1987 190E that I have had for about 6 months. It has 140k miles and was previously own by a gentleman in his 80's who was apparantly very neglectful. It smokes and my tech says it needs rings, but no need to be in a rush to get the job done. I've replaced the tires with factory sized Pirrelli 4000t's, a new starter (the old one was drawing too much current and taxing the battery), and replaced a leaky radiator. Also, the serpentine belt was too wide and made a lot of noise. I have a new tensioner for that belt as I discovered that the bearing on the current one makes the car sound like a diesel!

My issue du jour is that my car starts beautifully when cold, but after a short warmup period, I have to depress the accelerator ro the floor to get it to fire. Doing so, it starts after just a few turns, surges a bit and the seems to run fine. Occasionally, it behaves as if it is going to die while idling.

BTW: WHile I don't contribute often, I read this board every day, sometimes seeral times a day. THanks for the great site to visit.
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