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Re: Update:

Originally posted by SHYNE
Am I being lied to so I just have to buy a new bumper???
This repair shop is state of the art and has several awards on display, why wouldn't they tell the truth right?

I don't think that you are being lied to...It is possible that the shop you went to thinks it is not worth the $$$ to be paid for the repair (it takes some time to repair a plastic bumper) because a new one could end up only $100-150 more expensive since your bumper has a rather big crack.
It is possible that they do not want to risk the chance to have a bumper repaired 2-3 times because the owner (the one who has to pay the work involved) is not satisfied with the price/result ratio.
If you have a set of technical hands (or if you can borrow a set of technical hands from one of your friends), you can consider to do the repair yourself (it will save you the hours of plastering and sanding) and offer the bumper for repaint only (taking full responsibility for the repair you made yourself).
I think the repair shop does not want to work on something that might haunt them for a long time.

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