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Originally Posted by Duke2.6
You do not understand how the KE-system operates.

The lamda system will correct the mixture back to stoiciometric no matter where the initial mechanical adjustment, unless the adjustment is so far off that the lamda's control authority is exceeded. This occurs under normal operating conditions (except WOT) when the engine is warm, including idle. The idle mixture adjustment has no meaningful effect on the WOT mixture, which is automatically richened. The lamda system is ignored during WOT operation, which is signaled by the TPS.

The amount of correction in the rich or lean condition is expressed by the duty cycle. A 50 percent duty cycle means the initial adjustment is right at stoic. If less, it means the initial adjustment is a bit rich and the lamda spends a bit more time leaning than richening and vice versa if the duty cycle is above 50 percent.

Suggest you reread my previous posts in this thread.

Uhm the lamda tower is a mechanical only adjustment so apparantly you do not understand it. The EHA is the only electrical thing on a KE-II or KE-III based mechanical Injection system. It is the only thing on the engine that has to do with fuel besides the pump that is electronic. It adjusts the pressure between the lower and upper chambers of the fuel distributor. The Lamda tower is purely a mechanical starting point or baseline portion. The EHA uses input from the water temp sensor and the Ignition Controller to go to the ECU to change pressure thus richening and leaning the mixture. If you are going to comment then learn how to read and electrical diagram of the KE system! Sorry but that is just wrong!

Edit: I have an EE degree and know how to read electrical wiring diagrams, especially the ones on the MB Maint CD! I have studied it well so I do not need to pay someone like you how to do something that I can do myself. Sorry but maybe we are confused on teminology here. Lamda mechanical EHA electric. Hence the meaning of EHA, elctronic hydrolic actuator!
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