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US DOT/EPA regulations; I need HELP!!!

Grey Market Imports

Here go to these threads above. You see the problem is that there is a stigma associated with grey market cars. Also the parts may be available but matching them to the car is harder especially if the car was not an available model in the US. This, coupled with the fact that MBUSA dealers will refuse to do certain work on these cars, has made people fearful (justifiably or not) of grey market cars regardless of how good they look. I had a guy stop me one day and he started going on about how my greymkt car did not meet such and such emission conditions and how I would fail the e-test. When I told him that the car had past 5 emission test since I got it he was stupified. Then its not a grey market car he said. Honestly I don't know where it comes from. But don't be suprised if the response to your car sale is luke warm at best.
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