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blackmercedes is 100% correct. The wider tires in the rear aren't necessary for traction. With a 4.3L V8, I'm sure they're helpful. But not a 2.3l 4c. The only reason I went for the C43 configuration was appearance. I've only put 25,000 miles on my 98 in a hair less than 4 years, so wear isn't much of an issue. Anybody who does rack up the miles will be well served by a uniform size for rotation. With a tire as expensive as the Dunlop Sp9000, one could save some real $$$ over time that way. If I had a longer commute, I would defiantly go that route. As for the one question about springs. Most of the tuners use Eibach. The springs Brabus sells for the W202 are identical to the Eibachs I bought at the The person I spoke to at Brabus told me not to bother buying a set from them for that reason. At least they were honest. As for AMG springs, I'm not sure if they are proprietary or not. The Eibach springs do lower the car about 1/2 inch or so more than the AMG springs found on the C36 and C43. The Eibach springs lowered the car just enough to eliminate the gap in the fender, which was what I was looking for, along with the added performance.
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