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Its something I noticed and brought it up with the workshop chap who said "its common because of the fuel tank".

I always keep a full tank and have a habit of filling it up with petrol everytime the needle goes 1/4 down from max - approx 22 litres. My Godmom reckons its not good that I don't use up all the petrol and keep topping it up. I don't seem to think its a problem as long as its running well and taken through its paces to and fro office (about 20 km one way).

Well - it got me thinking that perhaps it could be due to the fuel load in the tank thats causing the rear to tilt at a slight angle of less than 1 cm at most. Don't think this would affect the suspension much, would it?

Is this common for most MBs as what the workshop chap claims?

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