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tires sticking out like they do might lead to more chances for getting bumped and scratched while parking.

The OE wheels for the W124 300D are: MB p/n 124-400-1802 15X6.5 ET49

I am using a set of 124-401-0802 15X6.5J ET48 wheels, from a 300CE 24V.
They are the similar in appearance and painted silver. I lucked out and found an almost pristine set on eBay with Pirellis mounted. Only one showed any curb rash. I got them on eBay from a person that upgraded his wheels shortly after he bought the car. If anyone has a spare wheel with those specs I'd like to have one for the spare (PM) as the diifference in 48 vs. 49 offset although seemingly slight, would probably result in odd handling if mixed on the car, especially the front wheels.
Also, if you have any W126 15 in wheels with 25 mm offset left over I may be interested (PM please with details) thanks!

PS FYI. I was informed that some Flat Face W126 wheels will fit the W124 are: 126-400-3002, 126-400-3402 and are 15x7 ET49 - this has not been verified however, one is painted one chromed I suspect but not sure.
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