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I just came back from looking at the situation and I see that the electric motor is operating.. the bolt turns as I push the button. I lifted the rear of the sunroof and peeked inside with a flashlight and I can see a tubular bar running down the center of the roof, from the back edge of the sunroof all the way to the edge of the back window area.

I can also see a black panel of sorts... the same width as the sunroof that moves back and forth along the car roof as I push the electric button in either direction.

Its appears as though this pannel is supposed to be attached to the sunroof panel but it is not attached for whatever reason.

I attempted to pry the sunroof back .... at various stages of the open/close run of the track but it will not budge... seems to not want to drop enough at the back of the sunroof so that it can be slid back. Also it seems to maybe have a latch of sorts at the front edge of the roof.

At this point the best solution seems to be an old fashioned can opener.

Any better ideas?



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