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Herr Busch
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Sounds like the "chrysler" influence

If they did not do a compression or leak down test, then they cannot say that it needs a valve job! Am I the only one that has noticed that the dealer just doesn't care anymore- odd, you can get the exact same treatment at the nearest dodge service department. Drives me insane!!
Does your car smoke at the exhaust? I had a problem with fouled plugs. Three of them as a matter of fact. The problem was the oiler tubes under the valve covers. I had taken off the left hand side to do something and apparently cracked one of the plastic holders for the oil tube. When I would hit the brakes (only sometimes) excess oil would go into the breather tube and into the air intake. It is designed for a little bit of oil, not what was going through it then. Three of the cylinders were affected more than the others. I believe it is due to gravity and the path of least resistance. If this is your problem, your cost to fix it is less than a hundred dollars. Check the breather tube. It should remain mostly dry, well not a dripping mess anyway. If it shows signs of excess oil, that is most likely your problem.
BAD VALVES CANNOT BE DETERMINED JUST BY LOOKING AT THE SPARK PLUGS!!!! I am surprised they didn't just shine a flashlight up the tailpipe and tell you the exact same thing.
The "acquisition" of Chrysler was like acquiring cancer (of the brain apparently)!!
Good luck!
Herr Busch

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