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The door panel can be taken off by doing the following steps (if I remember correctly)
1. Unscrew the door lock (the black thing u push down to lock the door or open it)
2. Open the door and look on the side of the door. The part where the door locks should be a black plastic piece with a screw in it. Unscrew that and take off the plastic piece by pushing it up.
3. take off the black plastic piece on the door handle (inside) by just pulling it off.
4. This part is hard to explain but i'll try to tell you. Pull the door handle (inside) and attached to it is a rod like metal piece that hooks onto the handle from the back. Push this piece up and it should unhook from the door handle.
5. If you're doing the passenger door you need to take out the triangle piece between the door panel and the mirror, well actually it covers the mirror. It should come off by pushing it up and out.
6. The last thing you need to do is pull out the light on the bottom of the door. You can do this easily by prying it out using your hands or a screwdriver if neccessary. Then detach the bulb from the wiring by pulling it off.
7. Now you can just push the panel up and it should pop out.
The whole proccess takes about 5 to 10 minutes but it'll probably take u longer considering that the directions are probably hard to understand, hope this helps.
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