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Originally Posted by Wallace Schulz
Have a 1980 SD. Local mechanic was going to flush my radiator. He was disconneting the fitting to the oil cooler. Connection is aluminum. Connector is steel nut. Threads of aluminum element apparently ruined. Anyone have this experience; or, any ideas on how to correct? Dealer wants six hundred dollars, plus, for new cooler. Can this be repaired.
Rev W. Schulz
I've not done it msyelf, but I think I saw a reference, once upon a time, where someone claimed to have repaired such a cooler by cutting the aluminum fittings off the cooler, drilling and tapping said cooler, and then installing steel fittings (after flushing out the chips from drilling and tapping).

OK, did a quick search, and I found it here. It's a post by Brian Kmetz.

I haven't tried this myself, and I don't know if it applies to your situation, but it might be worth a look.
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