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David: MB gave me a CD-ROM, it's from Germany, but in English. I'm not a computer kind of guy, this is what it says on the crystal:Millennium Wissen (seems to be the brand name of sorts) The ultimate history of the automobile Mercedes-Benz. Below this says The multimedia encyclopedia of all types and models. It is a 2 disc set, the one I like the most is the one I got the info from for you, The disc simply says "The ultimate history of the automobile Mercedes-Benz, along with the Millenium Wissen. The second one says"Highlights of Automotive Technology Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, doesn't have the Millennium Wissen logo on it. Also came with some sort of card that needs to be mailed to Munich, looks like a questionaire, it's all in German though. The first disc has a very impressive amount of info on most any MB ever made, including pre-merger (uh, that's Daimler and Benz, not Chrysler). That's the disc where I got the info on the 400E, I could just as easily compare it to a 500E if you want, everything is quite simple to find........Gilly
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