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Jeremy: The 300E posts should be useful info for you up to 1990, when the 300CE and new 300SL got the 104 engine dual cam inline 6. On the oil leak, you need to look at he front of the engine at the base of the front of the head, see if there is oil seepage dowm in there. if it is leaking there, you probably need what is referred to as a "lip seal", it is a common 103 engine affliction. The right sealant to use is Loctite 5900, and after reassembling the motor, see if it can be left standing for overnight before starting the engine. On the transmission shift problem, get the engine and trans oil hot and check the fluid level of the trans, that's always a good 1st thing to check. Then make sure the transmission throttle valve cable is connected to the throttle linkage and correctly adjusted. On the headrest motor, try raising the headrest motor up, then push down on the headrest, it may not be connected. I know what vinamg is talking about, but usually if the headrest "transmission" is broke, the headrest won't move at all, you said yours will raise. On the right outside mirror, there are a couple reasons for this, all pretty common sense, but the system should be tested. Most common failure is soda or coffee spilled onto the switch and ruining it. And yes, it might be a good idea to have an MB specialist to inspect the car. I have a friend who has a shop in/around Florence, Alabama. Email me at if you want his email address......Gilly
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