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El MIquil

El, there are a number of conditionals that must be satisfied before the A/C will perform.
The most common being low on refrigirant.
Before you have a 12 oz. can of R-12 costing $40.00 added to be able to test your A/c; do yourself a favor and go to a K-Mart Store and for $40.00 get a R-134A conversion kit.
If you follow the directions/instructions you can have an A/C unit that will cool as well as the R-12 gas did.
In addition to the kit direction is to rent a vacuum pump and a manifold gage set, I'm sure your local rentall has them.
Pump down your unit and hold it at vacuum for a couple of hours to dry out the inside of your A/C.
First thing I do is add the 8 1/2 oz oil charge to have enough pressure to close the safty switches. This oil blends with the R-12 oil and makes them better.
Follow the instructions and you will be home almost free.
One addition gage I purhased is the capacity/level tester that tells you when you are low, high or just right on refrigirant level.
Go for it!!!
Happy Easter to you and your's
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston!!!
Donald, El Cheapo
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