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I don't run thermostats in any of my cars and I never have. I simply use a 'hollowed-out' thermostat body, which serves as a sort of restrictor, but will never fail and overheat the engine.

I find my heater performance hot enough to be uncomfortable and engine coolant temperatures hovering around 160 to 175 on a 100 day.

Our coldest winter day here is about 30F and the average is in the mid 40 range overall.

My 440 Cubic Inch Pontiac with 9.00:1 compression runs at a consistent 155 on 100 days and doesn't get over 175 in traffic with the A/C on.

Never had any adverse wear issues and oil/crankcases are just as clean as those engines I have disassembled that ran a thermostat.

I feel your pain over the broken bolts....

Another one of my modifications on all my engines is to replace ALL the bolts/studs/washers in the Coolant and Exhaust Systems with Stainless Steel and a liberal application of Wurth High-Temp Antiseize Lubricant.

On my 300SD, I actually changed every bolt/nut/stud on the outside of the engine over to Stainless Steel, including the Motor Mounts, Vacuum Pump, Oil Pan, and Accessory Mountings. All the washers were replaced with Stainless Steel too.

I even found Stainless Steel Acorn Nuts for the Camshaft Cover...Bert

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