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Back in February I posted my problem regarding hesitation when accelerating from a standstill. Many thanks to all members that offered suggestions. I have finally gotten around to disconnecting the EHA to see what difference it would make. The first thing I noticed was that the electrical connector and pins on the EHA were covered in a red coloured sticky fluid. After running the car with the EHA disconnected the hesitation has gone. I have cleaned the connector and pins with electronic cleaner but the hesitation is still there (but not as bad) with the EHA is reconnected.
Can anyone tell me anything about the EHA and if it might be faulty ? Is it possible the fluid on the connector is from within the EHA or fuel distributor, i.e. could it be leaking ? Can the EHA be easily replaced or is it normally replaced together with the fuel distributor ?
I have not gone any further with checks on other sensors etc as I am now suspicious of the EHA unit itself.
Once again many thanks for previous advice.
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