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Very nice installation. Where did you get/run the DC power? Did you put the radio in the trunk?

I have a D-700A, and will try your mounting when I get the rest of the console sorted out. I'd love to put the 'brick' in the trunk, but I'd need to get a microphone extension long enough to reach back into the cabin.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, swapped #1 injector with #4, didnt make any difference in 'nailing' sound. So, I'll live with it until I get the time/nerve to play with the injector delivery seals.

Lubed the hood latches with ATF, just because it was open. Wiped a lot of oil off of everywhere, because I had a roll of paper towels. Got inconlusive readings on vacuum to transmission, will have to play more.

The Grand Marquis has a miss, I think one or more spark plug boots have developed carbon tracking, and the low wiper fluid warning is always on, annoying the **** out of me.

I just keep adding to the list of automotive stuff to do!

73 de n8qmd

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