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Well, I had nowhere near as much fun.

I took the passenger side footwell down and removed the sampler motor. Cleaned and oiled it up and put it back in place. No more squeal.

I chased down the reason that the washers don't work. Chased it all the way back to the combination switch. Had to remove the cluster to find the plug buried deep in the back.

I chased down the reason that the rear defogger does not work. After some jury rigged tests, it is confirmed that the combination relay is NG.

Replaced the passenger side sun visor with one without the cracked cover.
Still lights up!!

Confirmed that replacement seat trim pieces will fit on the outside of the seats. Unfortunately, the pieces cannot be installed unless the seat is removed.

Wanted to replace the CCU but never got around to it.

What does that unit that you added do, anyway, Stephen?
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