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Very nice installation. Where did you get/run the DC power? Did you put the radio in the trunk?

I have a D-700A, and will try your mounting when I get the rest of the console sorted out. I'd love to put the 'brick' in the trunk, but I'd need to get a microphone extension long enough to reach back into the cabin.
Everything is in the trunk, up high on the right side of the divider panel for the Fuel Tank. Velcro does work on the carpeting. Ran 12 gauge wire direct from the battery back there. I did purchase another Coin Tray to do this installation, so I could cut a hole for the cabling and still keep the original one in storage for later. FYI - You can use an Ethernet Cable as a Microphone Extenion, using a double female connector. I just happened to buy numerous remote mounting kits over the years so I used a Kenwood cable for this one.

What does that unit that you added do, anyway, Stephen?
This is a piece of Amatuer Radio (Ham Radio) equipment. Basically a much more elevated and controlled version of CB. A license is required to operate it. Through some newer technology called 'EchoLink', we can actually talk around the world from the car. If you are familiar with what a Repeater is - we have ours connected to the Internet and do VOIP (Voice Over IP) for far reaching communications.

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