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Haha DUDE you put that exactly where I put my VM-V7A Dual Bander.
Its a bit taller so it interferes with the cig. box but I never use that anyway.
I put my unit in the back by the trunk and ran all the wires under the carpet on the drivers side inside the wire/vac line channel thingy.
It actually turned out nice and the worst thing I had to do was take out the drivers seat (4 bolts).

I will take a pic of my looks exactly like yours.
I ran all the mic and speaker wires up into that tray and then put the mic mount on the side and the speaker is in the center concole under the arm rest. This setup seems to work good so far, now I just need to figure out why my unit keeps remembering the memories but forgetting what settings I had last time it shut off

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