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Warm start problems

Mercedes : Warm start problemsmcb2005.02.07 07.31
I have 1992 Mercedes 500sl with 75000 miles it starts fine when cold (in the morning) after the car is warmed up and driven then shut off the car starts fine with in 15 min. If you try to start it after that up to 10 hours later its hard to start. It cranks for 10 sec. starts run rough and stalls restart runs rough then smoothes out then runs fine. The fuel pump, fuel filters, fuel regulator and the computer that controls the fuel all have been replaced. I also have had the fuel pressure, vac. lines, accumulator, Caps, rotors, and wires checked with no problem. I have spent allot of money trying to correct this problem. My mechanic is at a loss at this point. HELP
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