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Originally Posted by blackmercedes
Road and Track did a reliability and general ownership survey of the W210 E-Class cars, and they found them to be one of the highest rated cars ever surveyed. Despite our bickering about faults, it seems that when stacked up against other cars, they come out very high.

Lexus makes amazing cars. They have a different character than Mercedes, but their overall quality is very high. They do have their foibles, but they're rare. I haven't driven the latest generation LS430, but I found the LS400 one hulluva comfortable car. However, it was just too soft for me. The steering was too light, the suspension a bit soft and the throttle and brake inputs a little too sensitive. Nitpicks? Sure, but when you're blowing luxury-class bucks, you want your car to be right, for you.

The LS400 felt more like our Subarus than our Mercedes. The Subies also have super-light steering and sensitive pedals, making smooth driving just a bit more difficult. But, the LS400 is the quietest car I have ever been in, including a W140. Sound isolation is amazing. Also, the Nak stereo it had was SUPERB, unlike the often-junk MB installs.

I disagree that Lexus is a Mercedes imitator. Sure, the exterior look is similar, but the character and feel of the cars is completely different. Lexus is a Caddy for people that want a car that is built right.

Have you driven the newer LS and GS models?
The suspension has been firmed up alot and the steering is tighter.
It's not a MB but they are getting much better in the driveablility area.

If you go to there are many people that have high mileage Lexus cars there that are just as satisfied as us in the MB forums.
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