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Running Hot on freeway

1975 450 SL. Engine seems to run too hot. During street driving the temp is at 180 to 185. As soon as I get in freeway, after about 15 minutes of 70 mph...I switch on A/C and temperature will go to 200 and even 225....has not gone passed that. When I shut-off A/C, temp stays steady. When I turn on and blast on the heater...temp drops 30 deg. When I turn goes back to 200-225. Already changed and checked thermostat, drained coolant fluid and replaced, minor tuneup (plugs, points (and dwell check), cap, rotor) checked timing. Plugs look like they are too lean. Tried to do minor change on mixture... (inside passenger compartment)...but did not have results...went a little rich, then more...and nothing. Then I went to the other side (counterclock) and still no change. Please help!

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