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Wayne (I see your name at the bottom now, I'm a car guy, not a computer guy), I'm a little stumped myself. I work at a dealership. Don't know how pressed for time you are, I could probably find something by either checking out some bulletins (for some reason this rings a bell), or by checking out the wiring diagrams. Who knows, maybe a bad ground? I don't know if you've had the cluster out or not. If you can get it out, look around on the back for what looks like a red bulb base, take it out, you may see that it is actually a small piece of electronics board with a printed circuit fuse instead of a bulb, see if that's blown, it would be obvious. Could be that the "carrier" for the cluster has a break in it, I believe that is available seperately, so the cost would be somewhat less than the GNP of Bolivia. Lets take it a step at a time, though, I will try to check out your problem at work on Monday....Gilly
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