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Thanks for your reply fellow forum friends. I have checked between radiator and condenser...and there was plenty of light coming through (with flashlight). I even went ahead and shot some compressed air through...almost no debris at all. By the way...the fan clutch does seem to be working ok. At slow speed the fan is engaged properly. I even brought up RPM to 3200 to see if shut-off ok...and it did. When I let the RPMs drop about 3000 rpm it kicked in again. So I think it is working just fine. Even so...if the fan clutch did not work...isn't it true that at freeway speed the cooling would not be affected...and the overheating would be happening at slow speed? Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh! and there anyway of checking the radiator for proper flow before being forced to pull it? and also...could a stuck EGR have anything to do with this? ( I'm reaching, I know...but I'm desperate!)
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