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I was looking through some of the PO's repair records on Marlene and came across a bill for R&R of the 'defrost element'...the PO was pregnant when I bought the car so I reckon she must have had 'unprotected repairs' with her indy.

And, when I bought Lilly, her records revealed fairly regular trips to a well known local indy for 'recharging with freon'. After the purchase, I took her to a trusted friend's a/c shop and had Joe look her over to try and find the source of the leak. Nothing could be found! A leak like that should have been easy to come across but there wasn't evidence any contamination! Anyway, the mystery was exposed about a month later when SWMBO comes home from work announcing that the a/c was OOC....a quick glance reveals that the electrical connection to the compressor clutch has popped off of the compressor and, that its retaining clip is worn to the point where it no longer makes a positive latch when the connector is pushed home. I pushed it into place and snaked a tiewrap around everything to secure it. That was 2 1/2 years ago and the a/c is still working great. Go figure...
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