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Intellichoice lists the wholesale on this car with this mileage as $5700, the Retail as $9750. Kelly Blue Book shows the retail as $10,425, and states:
"Suggested retail represents the price a dealership might ask for this make and model vehicle. This represents a fully reconditioned vehicle in excellent condition with a clean title history. This retail price is not a trade-in or private-party value, but rather assumes that a dealer has absorbed the cost of making the vehicle ready for sale, reconditioning, advertising, sales commissions, arranging for financing and insurance and standing behind the vehicle for any mechanical or safety problems."

A private party may not stand behind a problem, whereas a dealer has some liability. I personally wouldn't pay close to $10,000 from a private party unless MY tech said it was perfect. It is probably a good car, but the price may not be so great, IMHO

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