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Wayne: Boy, that's alot of failures! On the hard top not realeasing after winter storage, what I would try is disconnecting the top control unit. It is in the storage compartment on the floor, behind the passenger side seat. Open the compartment, it is below the false floor in the compartment bottom. For some reason just disconnecting the battery won't have the same effect. Are the power windows working OK? Also do they lower when you try to remove the hardtop? There are fuses in the rear fuse box for the windows and top, be sure to chech them all. I hope I find something in relation to the cluster failure. I do believe that the circuit board that folds up from the cluster board itself is replaceable seperately. If the whole cluster needs replaced, I think you will need to convert to the LED odometer, the mechanical odometer version was dropped. As I said, let me see if I can come up with something at work. I'm assuming you checked over the fuse box thouroughly for any cracked fuse bars. I'll also assume if you had to jump it to get it going that it was done properly and with another 12 volt battery. On the circuit board fuse, they used them in some models, I didn't know for sure if they were used in the early 129's or not, so I'll guess not. The car looks sharp, although I feel that one day an original untouched 1990 SL may be quite collectible. Went through alot of work that a trained eye picks up on right away, the bumpers and cladding from the Sport models are especially attractive. I assume the door panels are all stock? Any work done to the engine? This is the first year of the 104 engine. Lots of people don't know this was also put into the 300CE in 1990. It will be interesting to see if there is any commonality between these problems. The hazards and turn signals are completely inop, or just the indicators in the cluster? Does the hazard switch light up at all? On the radio antenna, only the antenna itself is inop, the radio does work?.......Gilly
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