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On the hard top release problem... I did try disconnecting the control unit, but that did not work. Both power windows do work fine. They don't lower when attempting the release as they normally would. It acts like it doesn't start the sequence. When I do the opposite and push the button forward to latch the top, you can hear the hydraulics and the latches pull the top down. The top acted similarly once before and 'fixed' itself, so it may not be related to the other failures.

I have gone through all of the fuses (both front and rear locations) and swapped them size for size, but in different locations to try to identify a rouge one. The hazards and turn signals are totally inop with no light on the hazard switch. I removed the hazard switch and checked continuity. This seemed ok. The radio does work even though the antenna is inop. The battery had gone dead in storage and I charged it overnight on trickle charge. The gauges were ok then, but I did not try the other items... I know that because I alway look for the oil pressure on startup. This was all about a month ago. Then when I started the car a week ago to begin the detailing process, I noticed the gauge problem and then found the other issues.

On the cluster... All idiot lights, those along the bottom and the low fuel level and low oil pressure, work as they come on when the ignition switch is turned to on. Interestingly, they flash exactly 6 times when I turn the key to on and again when I turn to start to fire the engine. I don't recall if it did that prior to these problems surfacing. The coolant temp and clock are the only 'gauges' that work.

Thanks for the comments on the car's looks. The sports model cladding, mirrors, and HID lights from a recent model were added by a past owner. The interior is stock (replacement Blaukpunkt radio/CD). The suspension has been lowered with Eibach springs, added front and rear sway bars from RENNtech, Sport shocks from Bilstein. The BBS RSII 18" Wheels and Pilot MXX3 tires. It handles really well. I do need more power however, and will be looking to do some mods in that area.

Thanks again...

1994 E320 Coupe (120k)
1990 300SL (BBS,RENNtech adds)
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