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I personally do not like buying anything before I get to look at every facet. I do not care how low the price is, etc. I would take your time. I am in Baltimore and I see diesels for sale in The Baltimore Sun all the time. You can check them out on-line at SUNSPOT.NET
If you find one that sounds good and it is close by, I would be happy to look at it for you. I used to wholesale high end cars for many years and consider myself to be very picky.
By the way, if this car has the original spare, why does it have "LF" (left front) on it and a used dust shield on it? The rear left back-up lense looks dirty, perhaps this diesle smokes a bit more than your average diesel. I read this guys ad and I just get a funny feeling. Is he trying to prove some thing by letting us know he has two other of the same cars and a Lexus.
My advice, CAUTION!!
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