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When i changed the fuel tank filter on my 300D 85 Turbo, I didnt have a 2 3/8" soket at first, so I really gave the big hex shaped fuel filter thing a whack with a hammer and a scewdriver against its inner face indents to at least start it moving, hoping thereafter to turn the 2 3/8" filter with a big set of pliers.
Later I got the big socket and removed the filter easily.
Now somewhere on the lines, or tank, there is a steady dribbling leak. (Not surprisngly) However, the leak is not from the fuel tank fuel filter or its outgoing line, its somewhere else and drips off a rear suspension arm.
Is the tank that fragile? Is there a chance i damaged a line to tank junction? Is it more likely at the line, tank, or line-tank junction?
I looked all over the tank today, retightened hoses and clamps, and found no obvious source, it just drips off a line somehow in the large rear driver side suspension arm.
Does the tank have to be replaced?
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