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David: I got it for free, the service manager walked up and said "Here, you can have this, I don't want it". It was still shrink-wrapped. I didn't think too much of it at the time, glad I took the time to explore what it was. I have no idea where he got it from, I could ask if you want. I just got some quick items from off the first disc only, I haven't researched what is all in the second disc yet. As far as the newest info, it covers up to the 220 S-class and 215 chassis CL-class, including info on the M137 Vee 12. It has info on all chassis made, including the V-Class, A-Class, and MCC "SMART" city-coupes. I looked backwards a little, it even has info on experimental cars such as the C112, F100,, and F200. I didn't see info on the Lifejet, which is a disappointment for me, boy I was hot on that car, er bike, er whateverthehellitwas!!! It has info on cars, commercial vehicles, and aero-engines, also a Mercedes-Benz timeline, MAN, lots of other info, too, and this is only disc 1! No info on the 203 Chassis C-class, so it ends just before that. Now, it sounds like you and others may be interested in these, the most useful info I can give you is that the discs seem to be made/distributed or whatever by "United Soft Media", there is an address on the crystal:WWW.USM.De Give that a try, I can try it myself and see if I spot anything. I can ask my boss if he remembers how he got it/who gave it to him.....Gilly
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