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Nah, I'm pulling at straws now. Maybe I can find something at work tomorrow. Flashing clusters are usually bad signs, nothing I've ever heard of relates to a flashing cluster representing a blink code. Never heard of Beemers flashing a code either, but my BMW experience is slim and long past. God I hope the polarity wasn't inadvertently reversed somewhere in the "dead battery" scenario. You didn't have to jump it at all, just charged the battery? One tip for ya, try to keep the battery charged and installed in the car. I know you may have cold storage with no outlet, so this may not be possible. On the radio, have someone turn on the radio and put your ear to the 1/4 panel, do you hear anything, the antenna motor running, or maybe a click? You'll probably want to start with the basics, see if the 12 volt and signal from the radio are getting to the antenna. In most cases with a stock radio, this is usually opposite of the complaint; usually the antenna goes up, but nothing else happens, no faceplate, no sound. On the hard top, remember that the control unit also controls the windows. The window switches will operate the windows, but the top switch won't is what you are telling me. I'm not sure on the early 129's if the windows need to be synchronized or not, check your owners manual if they mention synchronizing the power windows. On the control unit, I believe that has 3 connectors, you disconnected all 3? One thing I'm cuious about is if you roll down the windows using the window switches, then operate the hardtop switch as though you are latching down the hardtop, instead of trying to take it off, will the windows roll up using the hardtop switch? Curious about the Xenon lights, did the previous owner also install the headlamp range adjustment, or just installed the headlamp units and aim them as best he could?......Gilly
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