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David: Give me a couple days, I sent an email to United Soft Media. I went to their website, it is almost all in German. I did find the disc set, the cover is mostly identical to mine, except again the German. The price was something like 80 DM. If you want to see it, go to the address I gave you, then get into the "search" area at the top of the screen, delete what they have in the search field and enter "Mercedes", it will take you to the page that shows it, the description text is all in German though, but there is a picture of it, that's the one. Anyways, I did the "Kontakt" thing asking if they have info on the english version. Since then (just now, as a matter of fact) I found the "model number" for the one you want, it is 3-8032-8979-3. I'll see what info I can get for you in regards to this.....Gilly
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