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Beauty and the Beast

How do you intend to solve the minor glitches on the Beauty? For one, I don't know if you can get many parts where you are unless you are able to fashion and modify some essentials, particularly gaskets.

Fortunately, your beauty does not possess much electronics, so getting her up and going would be a breeze, unless of course it takes a few more days for her to awaken. She must be a sleeping beauty.

But for all of curiousity, have you solved -

"Engine starts, works very poor on high RPM for a minute, then stops. After it starts only on the next day.

And many more... "

It does really sound like a poor marriage made in hell.

Give her up for a reliable Lada? You might just be able to save whatever you would have spent on repairs and pick up another newer MB in a few years' time.

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