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Wayne: Easiest way to tell if it has headlamp range adjustment is to drive it at night, you can see the headlamps being adjusted in reaction to dips or bumps in the road. There are level sensors that are utilized also, you would know they were there. It's possible that just the Xenon units were instaleed into the factory 1990 headlamps, I recently became aware that this is possible (installed into a ML430, what a mess!!). I'm thinking this may be the case, because if the newer Xenon headlamps were installed in your car, I don't think the headlamp wipers would be there anymore. Also you would be able to spot the headlamp range adjustment motor in each lamp unit. We'll I'll get going, hope to set aside some break time or time after work to research your problem, at least the service bulletins, maybe I'll bring the wiring diagrams home with me to study also......Gilly
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