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The K-jet system is really quite simple, unless you want to fix components.

When the car starts, does the motor run evenly ever? After it starts be prepared to press down on the airflow plate. If doing this improves the condition then the engine is running too lean. If this causes it to die the condition is too rich. If it is too rich grabbing the center nut with thin pliers and lifting should improve the running. If any affect is gained by these actions, make a mixture adjustment at the 3mm allen screw. This is under a plug, exactly between the airflow cone and the fuel distributor. Clockwise is richer.

Use those instructions to see if mixture is your problem. There is a lot more to it but tell me how this works.

The pressure gauge is a must if fuel is the problem and adjustment isn't the answer. Let me know, I'd be glad to help get another MB back alive.
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