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Originally Posted by mpolli
I think O2 sensor is a good guess. My 86 Supra, which is L-jetronic based, had the same exact symptoms (except for my mileage was still OK as far as I know). I checked, changed and adjusted EVERYTHING to no avail, until finally my friendly local mechanic said "It is the O2 sensor" (he diagnosed it over the phone for no charge - can't complain about that). Anyway, $35.00 later I had perfect (near zero) emissions scores. So if the O2 sensor is not too expensive, I would try it. On the other hand I have no specific knowledge of your car so maybe someone else has a more likely answer.
Thanks mpoli,
I went out and picked up a 1990 mustang 302 o2 sensor as per this article:
for $41.00 after tax, I will spilce it up tonight and install it tomorrow.
This seems to be a likley candidate for all my symptoms from what I have read. Hopefully it cures me.
I also noticed in my reading here that ideal conditions for an older cat like mine are well heated up and run hard right up to the actual test, which I did not do. (The plugs & wires are from this last summer and I always use 93 octane by mfg recomendation.) So I will do this and keep my fingers crossed.

Anyone out there know if there is a way to test an o2 sensor, out of the car?
And or in the car an running?

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Reading your M103 duty cycle:
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