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Vacuum line routing pictures


I've looked throughout the Forum, and still can't quite find what I seek. I found the "logical" vacuum diagrams that "BoostnBenz" put up (and a huge debt of Thanks for that), but what I'd really like are some detailed pictures that show the actual routing paths/groupings.

The '85 300TD which I inherited is the recipient of a long-block replacement, and I don't believe everything is as it should be. The car runs fairly well, but there are some niggling performance problems that I think may be vacuum related. The car is a California model, but I don't know how much of the California configuration may still be there.

I'm of a mind to go through and start replacing all the vacuum "plumbing", and I'd like to do it right, not merely copy what is in there now.

On the same note, what is a good source to obtain the various hard and soft tubing (in bulk) used? The line feeding manifold pressure to the ALDA was hard and brittle at the manifold banjo fitting fit VERY loosly at the banjo fitting. There was enough slack that I cut it back and reattached the fitting.

Thanks all
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