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D_Ryan said: "hard and soft tubing in bulk - used"
did you mean "new" ? New bulk tuning is not too expensive, I'd not use any used lines.
Old vac lines that get brittle should be replaced to prevent leaks. Usually you can replace the section of line nearest the engine in the engine compartment and splice it where it nears the firewall if it is still pliable there (the heat near the engine seems to make that portion more brittle). I use a short piece of silicone rubber hose as a splice, I find it holds up longer than rubber tubing.

See this thread for part numbers (thanks to gsxr for that info): Vacuum Line Size OD & ID - Please
vac tubing is color coded for the application, but replacement can be neutral (no color) or any color as long as the diameter is close to that of the original. MB uses different diameters to prevent the vac system from loading down or losing vacuum too quickly, as in the different sizes of pipes used to supply a home or building, larger close to the source, smaller as you branch out. They also may have wanted to induce a delay in the vacuum action by using a small diameter.
I have some excess small vac tubings, neutral and black mostly, if anyone wants to buy at my cost send me a PM and I'll check it out.
The line to the ALDA however is not something I have though. When I need it I buy OE (factory) boost/ALDA lines with the banjo fittings already installed, that BTW is LARGE diameter tubing for a good reason - they want the boost to get to the ALDA post haste, unfortunately the banjo bolt that goes thru the fitting at the manifold gets plugged easily.
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