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am pretty sure it is rich.
I had a center muffler failier around Halloween, when I replaced It (both it and rear muffler had been off for 1 months) I expected to see a big improvement in mpg that never appeared. It has been a little slugish as well.

Was that temp sensor on your 86'? If so where is it exactly (side of the block?) and any tips on the test?

I think all the temp sensors are suppose to be 2.6-2.8 k ohm. Sounds like you could really use a factory manual=)
AKA looks like my dash gauge might also be shy by about 5 C. At 100C, the sensor read about 800-900 ohms. I was thinking the range should be 500-600 ohms-but don't know without checking a bosch book.

I'm headed for emission testing soon too. My plan of attack is new plugs, oil change, and O2 sensor. It did not start today instantly at 75 F, so I'm guessing my mixture is off a bit.

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