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I have recently purchased a Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3L 1987 Automatic.
I am a teenager I have had this car for 2 months. The problem is I was going up a hill and the stop sign to get out of the neighborhood is on tp of the hill. SO when I let off the brakes and pressed the gas to turn onto the main street.. the car felt like I was running over something. THe car then felt like it was in reverse.. I heard no popping sound or anything.. My tires didn't run over anything it just felt that way. Well now Drive does not work... feels like its in neutral. However reverse works.. it has full power like it did before it has not gotten weaker. Could this problem be related to the torque convertor by any chance or is the transmission gone or modulator? I have never had trouble with this car nor did it give any signs of transmisssion wear till this episode. Thanks
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