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300 CE AC Problem

OK! Now we are cookin' (literally)

I've had the AC checked out in detail and here is what I've found.

There was no freon in the system. The compressor would not turn on.

We charged the system with 2.9 lbs and it seemed to hold the charge fairly with no majorly evident leaks. The compressor kicked on and begin cooling only slightly (with a little RPM.)

When we were testing the system with a charge in it, the lines were not really cool to the touch. The low and high pressure readings were: 18-24 low 150 high

Since it wasn't cooling very well, we decided to recover the freon. We got 2.69 lbs back out.

After recovery, we checked the lines and think we see a small leak on the manifold/joined hose. After removing the recovery hoses, we noticed some bubbling from the high side schrader valve stem. There was a little frost noticeable after the discharge on the receiver/dryer. The technician thinks it was just due to discharge, not cooling.

The first thought, and this comes from a technician is who a Jaguar Master tech and used to work as a tech in a Mercedes dealership 10 years ago, is that the receiver/dryer unit may have burst and thus, clogged the lines and continued onward to damage the expansion valve/block. He (Mark) asked me to get confirmation that indeed that is where we should start, based on the information above. He can convert the system, flush, replace the receiver/dryer and expansion valve and then check again. If it works, he could then isolate the leak and correct with new hoses if needed. He also asked me to check about O ring sets? Should he replace those?

I eagerly await your replies, as we will not do any work until we get approval that we are moving in the right direction!

Thanks so much for your help and expert advice!

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