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Piece of cake...

hey guys,
I looked at the DIY diagram for removing the woodgrain, and it was a piece of cake. I just pulled up the carpet, (its just friction holding it in), and then there is a simple screw to undo, after that I gently pulled up the woodgrain console from the back. It took just a minute or 2 to loosen it up, and presto, out it poped.! (I also put the car in neutral to get the console over the gearknob). after that I just slid the light housing out from under the front part of the gearbox, I went to Auto Zone tonight, and walla, they had the bulb, I just stuck it in and Allluminate!! its pretty to see thanks for everything guys.. Also, I washed the carpet while I had it out, looks brand new.!! if you have any questions just let me know.!
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